Correcting a book on Amazon

Earlier this week I noticed on that this book was listed as ‘Ukranian Cooking’.  Luckily it was very easy to fix, at the bottom of the product page under the ‘Feedback’ section you can update the product information.  I went to the page and filled out the form with the correct information and in a few days it was processed and I got my message:

Thank you for using the Catalog Update Form
to send suggestions for Festive Ukranian Cooking
(ASIN 0822936461)

Your update has been accepted and processed. It
will appear online within the next two to three
business days.

Attribute: Title
Current value: Festive Ukranian Cooking
Your suggestion: Festive Ukrainian Cooking

If you want something done you have to do it yourself!  Don’t be afraid to make these corrections, it’s a more common spelling mistake then you think and needs to be corrected.