Volunteers key to milestone achieved by Gimli Ukrainian church

From the Interlake Spectator:

The Fifth St. North church, an impressive example of Byzantine architecture opposite Gimli Park, marked its 50th birthday last June with a celebratory mass followed by an anniversary dinner at the New Horizons club.

That dates back to 1956 when the Gimli Ukrainian citizens decided they needed a central church to succeed several small churches with somewhat irregular services in outlying areas such as Dnister, Foley and Fraserwood.

The first step by parishoners was the purchase of the Gimli building lot from Tony Shymko for $550. Construction followed in stages by volunteer labour with money for the work being raised through donations, draws, bingos, bake sales and other fundraisers. In 1958, the first services were held in the basement – now the parish hall – while building continued upstairs in the two-towered church each topped by Greek crosses.

“The work by volunteers went on for years,” says Sacred Heart first vice-president Stephie Hykawy whose daughter Kathy was among the first children baptised in the church. “It finally ended in 1975 with the completion of the church steps and sidewalk.”


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